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I haven’t had the time to thank you for the Tinsel Lure you left on the windshield of my truck the day we meet at the Lake. I was the guy from Texas. Your lures are amazing to the fishing industry. The other guy’s I was fishing with on this particular trip were fighting with me as to who was going to use the new spinner bait first, of course, I won. I ended up catching a 50’’ Muskie that very next day using your spinner bait.
We are planning another trip this year to the same lake/area. If you could please suggest some other colors to use, we are looking to put together an order to get us started this year.

Again, thank you very much.
I hope to see you on the water soon.
Best Regards,
Edward K

Fishing on a small 400 acre lake in the Eagle River area I got quite a thrill !!!
Using a bright pink with pearl mini spinnerbait purchased at the Milwaukee Journal Sports Show I was excited to bring in my first Northern - at least 30 inches - no photo as the net I had was too small, the fish still having too much energy flew right out of the net !!!
Can't wait for my next cast !

Just so you know, tinsel ruled the weekend we went up to
close up. The photo we sent is a 20 incher (bass) caught on gold of course.
I caught a 19 1/2" (bass) also.. Pretty good for only fishing one hour each day.
The others fished while I was working... The youngster with me also
caught a 18 1/2" on a gold, he was vertical jigging with it in 22ft of
water... go figure. Biggest Bass of his life and was he pumped up. In his
terms the fish was a slobasaurus..

Greg S

My Dad and I discovered Tinseltail spinnerbaits many years ago while fishing in NW Wisconsin. We have never used a bait that triggered the large amount of fish and so many different species to bite. We have caught 10+ pound northern pike, 5+ pound large and smallmouth bass, beautiful walleye, even muskie. And all on the silver dual colorado blade spinnerbait. That was the fun of fishing with the Tinseltail spinnerbait, you never knew what was going to hit it.
After not being able to locate the bait for many years I used my last one until only one piece of tinsel was left because nothing else I could find worked as well. Now that I have found your website, I will never be without a tinseltail again.
Thanks for producing such a great bait.

Tom N.
Dallas, Texas

It was our second or third day in camp and it was cold and west wind and rain for most of the week. I hadn't even taken my light muskie rig out of the rod locker yet.
So, I go down to the dock, pull out my 7' Falcon and attach the lure. I check the drag, and proceed to cast the lure off the end of the dock. Black Island is in a natural bay and I was able to cast over big open calm water to see how the bait ran and what kind of action it had.
Hmm, I thought, not bad, but my drag still felt a bit loose.....another minor adjustment and I think I have it correctly tuned
I walk 1/2 way down the dock and cast 90 degrees from my first cast, again, over open clear water between 2 boats tied up end to end (think maybe 4' in between sterns). I'm reeling back in and deciding I'm happy with the rod and reel and liking the lure. Sort of interested in the mechanics of it all and certainly NOT "fishing"
As I'm bringing the bait back in and the lure is maybe 3' beyond the boats a northern comes out of nowhere and slams the bait. I am stunned and let out a little yelp. Now, you have to keep in mind a few things as you picture this: one, I'm not fishing and not even thinking that I'm going to hook a fish, two, I am a short, fat old lady that has no reach, even with a 7' rod and the northern is not a bit interested in being a nice easy catch, three, there are 2 18' Lunds in the way of me even having a chance of letting the fish run without getting into serious motor, boat, or falling off the dock trouble.
All this commotion and my rod being bent waaaay over had caught my partner and some of the other guests' attention. Bear hot foots it down, cocktail in hand, from his perch on our cabin's porch, Mike, the camp owner comes out of the lodge and the Flexmann boys quit their horseshoe game on the beach and come over to see what's happening.
Long story short is that after a couple of runs and some very lucky maneuvering, Bear gilled the fish and got it up, Mike pulled out his leatherman and got the hook out and I got a bit more pre-dinner excitement than I expected.
So, the bottom line is; cast the bait twice, catch a 38" northern!
The lure was used again during the week and seemed to be a northern magnet.

Best regards-

I've been fishing for as long as I can remember. Got a whole tackle box together of all sorts of jigs and lures. My father insisted that all I needed was a tinsel tail lure, and that's all I've used ever since. I went out with my Snoopy pole and a small golden tinsel tail, and within no time, I had caught my very first Northern. A ninteen incher. Pretty good for an eight year old. Since then, I've graduated to a better pole, but things haven't changed when it comes to the lures. Still using the same gold one, except I've expanded my collection to other colors and sizes. I ensure you, these lures are the perfect addition to any fisherman's box. "It's so successful, even a little girl can catch a keeper!"

Milwaukee, WI

I have been fishing in Northwest Ontario for over twenty years. Tinsel Tail Jigs are THE ONLY lure I use. When my guests who arrive at my lake cabin ask me what type of lures to use, I show them the 3/8 oz wedgeheads and inform them that this is all they need.

Typically on sunny days I will use silver jigs. Cloudy days or early morning and dusk fishing, I will use gold. These jigs are tipped with leeches, crawlers, or minnows. The lures are back trolled over shallow reefs and rock piles. The walleyes hit on them consistently.

Tinsel Tails are a dynamite product for walleye anglers. Thanks for your product!

Bernie, St. Paul MN

“I have been fishing with Mike, Del, and Tinsel Tail baits for over 25 years. Mike and Del know how and where to catch fish. Tinsel Tail spinner baits (my favorite bait is the 3/8 ounce gold spinner bait with willow leaf blade) allow me to cast anywhere and into any kind of structure. That puts my bait where the active fish are located. Using the same bait I catch Bass, Northern and Muskie of all sizes. The lures are low-cost, durable, weed-less, and light so that I can cast them all day long; which we do! Several years ago I decided to quit using my large tackle box, Muskie plugs, and Muskie rod and to fish exclusively with my small tackle box, tinsel tails, and bass rod. The equipment takes up less room in the boat, I have more fun, and I catch more fish. I use 14 pound test, a clasp, no leader, and I almost never loose a fish due to clasp or line failure. The single hook is easily and more safely removed (for me and the fish).
This fall I was fishing with Del and Dan. As we were coming on to the lake a boat of three fishermen was coming off the lake. We asked them what they were using and if they saw any Muskies. They responded that they were using jerk baits but had not seen any. Within the next three hours we had one Muskie on that got off before we could really see it, one follow, two hit/misses, and Del caught a 42-inch Tiger Muskie on a 3/8 ounce Pearl with willow blade that he brought in with his hands! (see photo- below) Del also caught a 40-inch Muskie earlier that day on a 3/8 ounce Rainbow within seconds after the fish first hit my 3/8 ounce Red Tinsel Tail bait! That’s just one more fish he owes me!

When I fish with Tinsel Tail baits I expect to catch fish.”

Norman Hahn - Black Earth, Wisconsin

Tinsel Tail baits are by far the best bait and most used bait in my box. I've caught everything from perch to Muskies on the same bait. Sound unbelievable, it is not. And when I am feeling superstitious about the color Tinsel I am throwing, I can easily switch to another color when you combine it with a snap-swivel. My favorite Tinsel Tail is Gold, but last week the fish just smashed the Purple Chub, until a Muskie took it away. I only had one. So be sure to get at least two baits of each kind, so you don't find yourself in a hot fishing situation with the wrong color bait.

Dan Gannon - Hartford, Wisconsin

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