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Welcome to Tinsel Tail Lures(tm)! 

There are not many among us that can say they have fished with the same style of fishing lures for 44 years! They continue to catch fish at the same rate as when we fished with our first Tinsel Tail Lures back in 1977! Despite all the "progress" of fishing tackle, the next new best thing to capture fisherman, we and our customers continue to catch our good share whether for sport, table, or the reward of spending quality time with friends on the water.


We remain happy for the day we traveled to Stillwater Minnesota, day after Christmas, in 2007 to visit our friends Don and Randy at Hedron, Inc.  Since 2008 we have been fortunate to provide Tinsel Tail Lures from our website direct to fisherman, with good quality and at a fair price. Over the years, we added Tinselbucks and Tinsel Minnows to our product line along with some additions to colors, when we test are satisfied they match up to catching more fish, not just fishermen!!. 


Tinsel Tail Lures was thrown for a loop when founding partner Mike Kroeger lost his battle with cancer in January of 2019. Happy for the memories of flyins, trips with friends,  having the cell phone ring and on the other end was Mike, in kayak, in the middle of Turtle Lake texting the picture of a monster bass he caught on a tinsel pattern he was testing.  He would get up
at 2 in the morning, drive 4 hours to northern Wisconsin to be on the water only to return that same evening.  Mike was remarkable friend, business partner, and fisherman always ready to talk fishing with anyone, anytime, anywhere.


Our Future
Del Photo.jpeg
Our Future

In 2021, Tinsel Tail Lures is happy to report that Mike's sons Ryan and John have joined in to continue the tradition started in 1977.  We are launching a new website, adding new energy, long overdue, and a stronger presence on
social media. We continue our longtime relationship with Hedron continuing
to help us produce the quality our customers appreciate.


Sales have been good during the pandemic but the supply chain has been interesting to say the least. As a result, we find it necessary to raise
prices in 2021 for only the second time since we started. To our long time customers we will be thankful for your continued support
and to new customers, welcome to Tinsel Tail Lures.  


For us, while sales are essential, we judge our success as selling direct to fisherman a time tested way to catch fish for sport, the table, or the reward of spending quality time with friends.

Please continue to send us your testimonies, tips, tactics and photos. If you have any questions regarding our products, service or the web-site please contact us. 

Stay safe and good fishing!

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