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Northwest Ontario, Showalters Fly-In Service

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

While our home town (Milwaukee) was reaching the mid nineties, we awoke to mid thirties with no fire in the stove. When the rain finally slowed we geared up and traveled east on Apps Lake. The wind and sleet slapping our faces as we headed for Meddik Lake. The portage, flooded after a week of rain made us slip, stick and swear.

We fished the rapids right off the boat landing. We were hoping to get enough walleye for a dinner but had trouble catching keepers as most fish were over the size limit. Walleye were averaging 16”-18”. It wasn’t more than 5 minutes between action.

We hit the north shore in the bay, east of the rapids and caught some northerns and walleye casting spinnerbaits and jigging.

The rain stopped and we had a quick lunch on a rocky shore. After our break we traveled east up Meddik and entered a small isolated lake on the south. Casting spinnerbaits off cabbage beds and reeds produced many northerns and walleye. Fish were active! So......Tim simply leaned over the boat and started making figure eights. Northerns and walleye (12) slapped his swirling spinnerbait. Then a 40" plus northern hit, caused a moment of commotion and torn loose. Several other large northern followed our spinnerbaits, interested but not hungry.

It was time to head back for dinner. We stopped for a few more walleye at the rapids. Back through the swampy portage. On to the outpost, a fire, rest, dinner and cards. Then back out, Lake Trout await!

Lake Trout No one in our four man group has ever caught a inland lake trout. Landing one was a goal for all of us. We were told to fish off the white rock off the island just east of the cabin. We tried several different jigging spoons and jigs. We all switched over to a jig and minnow after Del landed the first two trout. We managed to land 11 lakers on our stay, all on 1/4 and 3/8 oz jigs tipped with minnows. Several heavy fish refused to rise from the deep, breaking us off and leaving us wondering. We used gold, silver and firetiger wedgehead jigs tipped with a minnow.

Walleyes 1/4 oz and 3/8 oz wedgehead jigs tipped with a minnow or plastic produced most of the fish. Walleye were located in rapids or rocky shorelines. In water 3’ - 8’ deep. We did catch walleye when casting for pike. These fish were in shoreline weeds and reeds. Most fish averaged 16" and up. 26" was the largest.

Northern Pike 3/8 and 1/2 oz spinnerbaits in gold and firetiger caught most of the pike. Some pike were caught in the rapids, however weeds and reeds produced best. We struggled to catch pike off deeper rock ledges and points. 37", 36" and 30 were the biggest caught. Several northern over 40" were sighted.

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