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Top Sellers and Performers

What good is knowledge if you don't share it!

Top selling spinnerbaits colors. 1. Gold 2. Silver 3. Perch 4. Red

Top selling Spinnerbaits 1. Silver 3/8 oz Tandem 2. Perch 3/8 oz Tandem 3. Gold 3/8 oz Tandem 4. Gold 1/4 oz Single

We're not sure what color tells us. Our test team favors gold, however the three biggest muskies were caught on 3/8 oz pearl single willow blade, 3/8 oz rainbow single willow blade and 1/2 oz silver single willow blade. On Rainey Lake in October the smallies prefered 3/8 oz gold and nice northerns up near Red Gut Bay on purple chub. On Dinorwic Lake the big northern were caught on 3/8 oz gold single willow blade and the 1/2 oz silver and we picked up the nicest walleyes on spinnerbaits in the shallow weeds at night with the same.

Top selling jig colors

1. Silver 2. Gold 3. Pearl 4. Lime

Top selling Jigs 1. Wedgehead 3/8 oz Gold 2. Wedgehead 3/8 oz Silver 3. Wedgehead 1/4 oz Silver 4. Wedgehead 1/4 oz Gold

Some folks swear by the panfish jigs but not enough when compared to the guys who use the wedgeheads in Canada.

What does this mean?

The dominance of 3/8 oz spinnerbaits sales suggested to us to offer you a larger spinnerbait. The 1/2 oz single blade (11 colors) and 1/2 oz tandem (17 colors). We tested them this past spring, summer and fall with great results. We spent the late fall and winter pool testing the in-line spinners (6" Tinselbucks and the 7.5 " Tinselbuck Magnums with either willow and colorado blades). The colorado double blades of the Tinselbuck Magnum give you an erratic pulsating skirt action with the sparkle and flash of tinsel. The double willow blades produce a consistent flowing motion.

The Tinsel Minnow is a swimming style in-line with a single hook. The Tinsel Minnow can be used in a jigging motion, straight retrieve or with a stop and go action. The Tinsel Minnow Magnum is larger and runs shallower. Great over shallow weed beds.

Mike and I hope we all have time to create fishing memories to share with friend and family. We will do our best to earn your business and support.

Great Fishing

Del Wilson and Mike Kroeger

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